Rush Limbaugh: Inferior Specimen…


“Apology”, two common definitions: 

1) A written or spoken expression of one’s regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another
2) An inferior specimen or substitute; makeshift.

Rush Limbaugh has only excelled in presenting the second definition.



Rush Limbaugh’s Tongue-Lashing in the Public Square:

I don’t like the term “slut-shaming” because the term implies there is a slut to be shamed.

I like the term tongue-lashing. But a tongue-lashing is usually done on a relatively small scale.

What Rush Limbaugh gave Sandra Fluke was a public-square style punishment.

With Wikipedia listing his listenership as 15+ million per week, I would call it a public- square style tongue-lashing of national proportion.

Because Rush Limbaugh disagreed with Sandra Fluke, he chose to use  his pervasive power and influential position as a broadcaster in an abusive manner in an attempt to silence her.


tongue-lashing: noun scolding, talking-to (informal), rebuke, reprimand, lecture, wigging (Brit. slang), slating (informal), reproach, ticking-off (informal), dressing-down (informal), telling-off (informal), reproof After a cruel tongue-lashing, he threw the girl out of the group. – Yes, women are on the list.

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh’s “Delighted” Sponsors:

Dear ‘Delighted’ Rush Limbaugh Sponsor,

Thank you for making me aware of your apparent position on hate speech.

Your continued support of Rush Limbaugh after his brutal, demeaning, degrading and slanderous attack on private citizen, Sandra Fluke, seems to exhibit a lack of moral and ethical courage on your part.

The longer you attempt to ignore and minimize this event – the more connections I make on the internet through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social action groups, etc..

The longer you attempt to ignore me; the more local groups I become involved with.

I am making new connections with like-minded people everyday. I am learning many new ways to become productive when engaged in the social outcry against Rush Limbaugh’s hate speech. Plus, I am teaching what I have learned to others.

While you continue to ignore the depth and breadth of this situation, I will continue to make new connections, become more active, and make new friends.

Rush Limbaugh’s hate-filled tirade will be the defining moment in his career.

Do you want Rush’s words to define the ethics of your company?


A woman who does not forgive Rush Limbaugh

Rush’s Male Priveledge and Cruel Dominance in the Face of Innocence:

Fairy Tale: “I’d love to kiss her. . . !” He did, and as though by magic, the Prince’s kiss broke the spell. To everyone’s astonishment, Snow White opened her eyes. She had amazingly come back to life! Now in love, the Prince asked Snow White to marry him, and the dwarfs reluctantly had to say good-bye to Snow White.” – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Reality: I was listening to Rush Limbaugh verbally assault Sandra Fluke and it felt like a punch in the gut. I couldn’t believe anyone would go to those lengths to try to discredit another person. So, instead of a kiss, Rush gave me a verbal punch in the gut. Either way; I am awake. I have been in a deep slumber for far too long.  It is time to start paying attention to the War on Women that is being waged in this country. Do I have to say, “Transvaginal Ultrasound” or “Aspirin” to get you to understand my point?