Dear Rush: Questions from Children

This question and answer period with Rush Limbaugh is hosted by:


Betty: Hi Rush, thank you for taking time to answer a few questions from the neighborhood children: Yvon, Tray, Von and Martin.

Limbaugh: Great to be here, hi kids.

Yvon: Hi Mr. Limbaugh, at what age would you advise me to develop an increased concern for my personal safety? If I could be more specific, at what age should I stop covering my head in the rain?

Tray: Mr. Limbaugh, Could you please teach me how to distinguish between a harmless man who is stalking me with his vehicle as I walk down the street vs. a hypervigilant man with a loaded gun who is stalking me with his vehicle as I walk down the street? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Von: Hi Mr. Limbaugh, when you hear about a child being killed by an overzealous adult do you think it is important to establish if the child, just prior to his manslaughter, looked the same or different from his yearbook photos?

Martin: I just want to know — are Skittles unsafe to eat?

Betty: Thanks kids, you sure did ask some interesting questions. Mr. Limbaugh, please feel free to answer the questions in any order.

Limbaugh: Yeah sure, Skittles are safe. I eat Skittles all the time and I never get hurt?  I hated my yearbook photos. You kids are so cute. Don’t talk to strangers. Thanks Betty.

Betty: Thank you Mr. Limbaugh; very enlightening.


Our deepest sympathy to Trayvon Martin’s family, friends and supporters.

May you all be guided by your internal strength and may the great power of love lead you to find justice and peace.


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