I Feel Compassion for Rush Limbaugh: For a Sec.

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh is aware of how many of us are working together?

When listening to him, I have to assume he has some idea. He sounds like a man splintering apart under the weight of the knowledge that he has only himself to blame for his professional demise.

He snorts more when he talks now and his breathing is heavy — he seems confused and distracted. I can almost see his perspiration forming beads on my home radio.

These things do not delight me. Because I am a Liberal, I have compassion for people. I don’t like to see human suffering and I tend to lean toward forgiveness before I would ever jump to condemnation.

In Rush Limbaugh’s case, however, I feel it is my moral duty to speak up and stand up against what is being broadcast on a daily basis. And I am not uncomfortable with his discomfort.

When I  get a little distracted and I begin to feel a distance forming between my life and the 02/29/12 Buzz Bombs that Rush Limbaugh dropped upon women (and the men who love them), I tell myself:

If I don’t act now – the option may not be available in the near-enough future.

There are malevolent forces swirling around us everyday. Rush Limbaugh exposes the hue and intensity of these forces. When he speaks about ethnicity, disparity of wealth, human rights, sexism, racism, hunger, lack of healthcare, poverty, crime, compassion and the human condition, I hear the voice of  a man who discounts the realities of the human experience.

It appears it is his goal to crush what he despises and I pledge not to let him succeed.

It is my goal to work with every single like-minded person to ensure that when  future generations listen to Rush Limbaugh’s recordings it will be in the context of how society joined  together in an effort to expel hatred from the public airwaves.

We are not in the minority.


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