Rush Limbaugh, Our Little Canary

Rush Limbaugh betrayed the GOP when he exposed the reality of the War On Women. Oh, I am sure not intentionally, but he did.

As the Republican party started moving in on our wombs, we were stunned and maybe a touch amused that they would dare to try.

Comments about Aspirin made us wince, but we are accustomed to wincing at how silly it sounds when powerful people assume the identity of virgins.

They speak of intercourse as if only animals partake in such an activity outside of marriage and assert that only married people bother with it when it serves the purpose of procreation. They declare: People should not be able to have sex without consequence, and when they say people – they mean women.

I wrote off their legislative attempts as tricks to garner supportive votes from the Christian community.  I concluded that these were simply sleight of hand or winks and nods to show support of ‘old-timey values’ – you know the time in history where everyone ‘knew their place’ and Leave it to Beaver was the most controversial thing ever. A simpler time.

What a joke! And when I say that I am talking about me. I am the joke, because I thought I was safe against psychotic-anti-humanitarianism, at least when it came to my American womb and my access to healthcare that fits my morals; my lifestyle; my economic position; my health limitations.

I thought I was safe, that is, until Rush Limbaugh gave away the GOP’s desire to clamp me with chastity measures. Rush Limbaugh completely killed the momentum of this GOP goal. Look now how he grasps at the Hilary Rosen comments like a rabid dog; thirsty and desperate. He even made a little logo: The War on Moms. Ha!

Rush Limbaugh, you exposed the GOP’s right flank. You can’t change this fact and you can not distract us from this fact:

The GOP does not have women’s best health-care interests at heart.

Thanks for the heads-up, Rush. As I continue to listen to who still sponsors you…I also listen for your slip-ups and your clues.

You are such a loose cannon. I don’t know whether to force you off the air or to keep you as our little canary.


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