To Rush Limbaugh: Pretty or Not, Here We Come!

“Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”

-Rush Limbaugh’s”Undeniable Truth” #24

Pretty or not, here we come!

Here is where one might expect to see a list of all the legislative attempts to reduce women’s access to healthcare options around the USA.  You may have hoped to have been provided with examples of the new personhood definitions being crafted which are designed to strip  away your reproductive rights. Or you may simply have hoped for some quick links to help you understand the reality of the War on Women along with some current quotes that could justify why women are rising up all over America. Were you looking for proof that women, and the men who love them, will not tolerate being humiliated and shamed and controlled, simply because of archaic beliefs?  You will not find such information here in this space. If you are not going to research and investigate these claims for yourself then you simply need others to take up the fight for you. We will humbly take action for you in the name of your innocence and out of respect for your desire to remain blissfully content.

To those of you who do not need any further proof; you know what to do:

Your Democracy is waiting !



When did I ever give you the impression

that my rights were negotiable?

Your mouth and my soap have a date N.O.W!