To Rush Limbaugh: Pretty or Not, Here We Come!

“Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”

-Rush Limbaugh’s”Undeniable Truth” #24

Pretty or not, here we come!

Here is where one might expect to see a list of all the legislative attempts to reduce women’s access to healthcare options around the USA.  You may have hoped to have been provided with examples of the new personhood definitions being crafted which are designed to strip  away your reproductive rights. Or you may simply have hoped for some quick links to help you understand the reality of the War on Women along with some current quotes that could justify why women are rising up all over America. Were you looking for proof that women, and the men who love them, will not tolerate being humiliated and shamed and controlled, simply because of archaic beliefs?  You will not find such information here in this space. If you are not going to research and investigate these claims for yourself then you simply need others to take up the fight for you. We will humbly take action for you in the name of your innocence and out of respect for your desire to remain blissfully content.

To those of you who do not need any further proof; you know what to do:

Your Democracy is waiting !



When did I ever give you the impression

that my rights were negotiable?

Your mouth and my soap have a date N.O.W!

Read Angie’s List canned response to those who complain about them advertisng on Rush Limbaugh:

When I heard Rush Limbaugh personally deliver an Angie’s List advertisement,  I was shocked because I couldn’t believe a highly trusted women-owned company would support misogynistic and racist speech through advertising.

I emailed Angie’s List and spoke directly with Cheryl Reed, Angie’s PR executive, to explain that I couldn’t understand how Angie’s List could willingly deny the relationship between ethics and advertising.

In both instances,  I received a canned and calculated response to my expected and anticipated consumer outrage. 

Their deliberate desire to have Rush Limbaugh personally deliver their ads is a perfect example of their newly exposed detached corporate approach of insensitivity and hubris, in my opinion.

*Please note at the end of the email their highly intentional bolding: of inclusiveness.

By implying that I am an exclusionist is Angies’s List trying to cleverly shame me for the same reasons Rush Limbaugh slut-shamed Sandra Fluke?

Dear XXXX,
Thanks very much for writing in to let us know your thoughts about Rush Limbaugh.
Our advertising strategy is to use as many venues as possible to share information about the service we provide at Angie’s List. We use this wide array of venues not to express support for any specific person, outlet or philosophy but to reach as many consumers from as many points of view as possible.
We place ads on all the major networks and cable outlets, as well as radio and newspapers, reaching outlets that cover the gamut of conservative to moderate to progressive to liberal. On any given day, we’ll hear negative reaction to our choices from each part of that spectrum, most of them protesting that we do not support their particular issue or that we do support another.
Just as we trust members to read reports and make their own decisions about which service companies to hire, we trust them to make their own choices about which outlets to watch, listen to and read. We don’t believe it’s our job to tell them which of those venues to support or monitor. That said, we have ongoing conversations about where to place our ad dollars, and we’ll certainly add your comments to that discussion.
Thanks, again, for reaching out, XXXX. I hope you can appreciate our strategy of inclusiveness.
Neighborhood Specialist
Angie’s List
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Please contact Angie’s List to let them know how you feel about their advertising choices. Don’t let them shame you because you know the difference between hate speech and free speech:

Twitter Handle: @AngiesList  @Angie_Hicks

Twitter Page:!/angieslist

Facebook Page:

Angie’s doing alright, why does she need Rush?:

Rush Limbaugh: Social Darwinist Lackey and a Girl in a Bikini

Rush Limbaugh stated during his April, 4th 2012,  radio show that feeding people in need is like feeding the wild animals in our national parks. He added that there are consequences attached to feeding the hungry: Animals must learn to fend for themselves if they are to survive and thrive.

In his attempt to describe Social Darwinism, he explicitly demonstrated that he agrees with the concept.

His comparison exposed his support of governmentally monitored national containment zones (national parks) for the underprivileged (animals) replete with posted laws and directives (do not feed the bears) which would mandate that compassion and charity are against the law (if you feed them they will die).

He also exhibited his ease in dehumanizing those very people in society who he deems to be animalistic and primal.

Darwinism is a theory that in nature only the strong survive; Social Darwinism is a man-made construct of  laws and regulations which are created, specifically, to deny the underprivileged access to resources.

The dire outcomes of such restricted access are justified in the Social Darwinist’s mind with overly simplistic theories: Animals must learn to fend for themselves if they are to survive and thrive.

(2 +2 = 5 or 2 + 2 = 4? u decide.)

Pornography for Rush Limbaugh: The Ovary

I find it amusing that Rush Limbaugh deems ovaries to be so insanely sexy.

He finds them so sexy and they blow his mind so completely that offensive words spew from his mouth – because he can’t stand how sexy ovaries are.

One would almost think he is threatened by the powerful allure of ovaries and maybe a little concerned they may have duplicitous tendencies.

He seems to be especially aroused and thrown into fits of misogyny and convulsive sputtering when he is faced with the super-sexy polycystic ovary.

Rush Limbaugh thinks ovaries are so pornographic that he wants anyone who takes birth control for medical reasons to film the event so he can watch on video: menstrual pain, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, lack of periods, heavy periods, acne,  and prevention of anemia from heavy bleeding. Naughty.

Sandra Fluke discussed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and cramping and Rush was so aroused he caused a national sensation that has yet to reach its peak.